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Dancing in the rain

It's summer and it feels as though it will never stop raining. Today we have a wedding at the beautiful Bellwood in Nottingham road and no matter the weather Pam is marrying her Kyle in the forest.... and of course it's raining. Does it matter? Well, not really, you get amazing pictures from rainy and overcast days, and as long as you're not too hung up about the hem of your gown dragging over mud, and it's not pouring with rain, go for it!

Does it matter to your guests? Yes, it does! If you're going to get married in a forest, or on a beach or any outdoor environment you do need to think about your guests comfort as well. Let them know in advance that high heels won't cut it,

if the weather is hot, think about having little fans as a wedding favour, or even some fun sunglasses, and if it's going to rain, consider hiring in some clear umbrellas so that they don't get soaked and make sure that the

seating area is dry and they don't sit in soaking puddles...

The rain stopped this outside ceremony but we pivoted quickly and transformed a deck space for the ceremony, and fortunately it eased up enough to capture some amazing pictures on the mountain top.

So we hope that Pam and Kyle have sunshine today for their wedding day and always, and if it does rain that it's only a light sprinkle that will only add to the joy of their wedding day

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