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Reality bites... and other fun stuff!

Nine long months... I could have fallen pregnant and had a baby in the time that our industry has been locked down. Nine long months of no income, no weddings, no functions, no celebrations and finally, now, we are starting to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, so please let it not be attached to a train. It's been a while since I have written a blog, and it's not been a case of having too much time on our hands. Instead of waiting for lockdown to finish we started off a new little business which has kept us buzzing around, doing meals, and what fun it has been. We have met the most amazing people on our delivery routes, some which we hope will remain friends forever, and it has been such a great new experience. We have also thought outside of the box and hosted a few intimate functions on the deck of our home.

Flower crowns for a wedding day, is there anything more dreamy than this look?

We live in a beautiful part of the world and our deck is perfect for intimate events and celebrations - 30 people maximum, so we have hosted a bridal shower, and are doing a girls get together in the next week.

We've also had our creative hats on - we have bought a wonderful new range of blue and white decor, spectacular vases which we know you will just love, we did a fantastic little collaborative shoot with @The Hilton Bush Lodge in the midlands and @Amour Bridal Boutique which gave us the chance to play with some flower crown ideas and also to do our new little pocket bouquet for a groom. So nice to do something a bit more of a statement than a normal buttonhole and we just loved doing it, and of course Hilton Bush Lodge is just lovely - and the gowns were beyond gorgeous.

Pocket bouquet
Note the little pocket bouquet for the groom... I just love this, it makes the groom feel a little more special and you can make it match the bouquet

We also did the most amazing intimate elopement at the top of the @Shalwyn Wedding Venue mountain - this is absolutely mind blowing and will be a blog all of it's own, so watch this space if you're looking for the most beautiful space to get married at...

So we're okay, we're feeling hopeful that better times are ahead, we're ready to help you plan your next celebration, whatever it is, wherever it is, and we hope that you are doing well. While this has been an emotionally traumatic time for so many couples who had planned their wedding and have had to postpone, let us all be thankful that by doing so we have kept our families and friends safe so that we are all able to celebrate life and good times together soon.

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