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Beware the unknown supplier...

We have been so saddened to hear about a local supplier who is relatively new to the industry and has 'taken' clients for a ride, and an expensive financial one at that. From not delivering flowers and decor to a wedding to hiring from other companies and not returning the goods, this does nothing but harm and causes so much unhappiness... one of our clients got caught too, so we know what we're talking about!

Don't use a vendor who keeps you hanging...

At a recent wedding which we did the flowers and decor for in the midlands, the coordinator hired chairs from an outside company. We had quoted, but including transport it seemed that we were more expensive than the alternate supplier. It seemed strange at the time because our prices are generally pretty good, and it included transport, but of course if you have no intention of supplying the goods, your price can be cheap, and that's what happened.

On the morning of the wedding the chairs hadn't arrived and a litany of stories emerged.. they had been in an accident, they arrived at the venue and no-one opened the gate, they were running late - the truth was they never arrived, and had no intention of ever delivering, and of course the money had also disappeared, and a month later there has been no refund and she has blocked all of the clients calls.

Saying I do to the right vendor is really important...

Can you imagine that? Can you imagine arriving at your wedding and finding that the flowers that you have spent a fortune on are simply not there? No decor... No reply to your phone calls! First of all I have to say that the most important thing about your wedding is you and your fiance. No matter what happens, get married!! But the reality is that this should never happen and you need to take steps to make sure it doesn't ever happen to you. When you build your first house, everyone gives you advice about how not to do it, check references, go and look at other houses that have been built by that person etc etc - so why should it be different with your wedding suppliers?

Check that they are what they say they are... do they advertise in known magazines? Yes - good, give the magazine publisher a call if you need to, it's a small industry, we know each other, they will know their advertisers and be able to tell you about them. Do they exhibit at shows? How long have they been in business? Check their Facebook reviews... if they've been around for a bit you can be sure there will be reviews about them. Have a look at their website, it's called due diligence!! Most importantly speak to other people in the industry, your venue will always steer you in the right direction. Are they on the venue's recommended supplier list? Have you seen their work? Have they done a sample table for you? Have they worked at any of your friends weddings? Ask questions and do your homework. The cheapest product is not necessarily the best, and sometimes these things happen, work with reputable vendors please!! If you need advice call us, we are always happy to help and steer you in the right direction, after all happy brides is what makes us happy too...

At Spotted Owl we hope to always be part of your happily ever afters...

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