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So, my website was hacked and I never thought I would miss it.. oh yeah?!

A while ago I woke up to an email from our internet people telling me that my website had been hacked and had been shut down. I was stunned, not being all that technically savvy I tought this was the beginning of the end, certainly the beginning of the long bucks part of it, as websites always seem to cost so much! I had a couple of favours owed and thought perhaps I should cash them in, but was too busy to actually focus too much on it, and then, last week, I Googled free websites and here I am. Now the downside is that I spent a lot of time on this and can't seem to host it on my own domain, so you will have to live with this until I figure out the next step, but hey!! All of a sudden I'm a website designer too :) (I say this with great caution and a renewed respect for everyone who is tech savvy). I thought I could live without it but I discovered a few things about me, and technology, along the way..

1. Facebook isn't everything... it's a great social media platform and yes, we get business enquiries from it, but websites give you street cred

2. It's embarrasing to have a business and not have a website - how do you expalin to customers that your website is currently down (three months later?!)

3. I missed being able to blog, I know it's an ego thing, but I love writing and despite the fact that I write irregularly and seldom, I missed being able to do that, even if no-one reads it, I get great pleasure from putting thoughts down on paper (so to speak)

4. This really is the age of technology, it's just amazing how much easier everything is. While it is also the age of instant gratification and we expect instant answers to messages and instant responses to email, and why don't you answer your telephone at midnight, I have to say that creating this site was not as hard as I thought it would be. So , it might be temporary, I don't know, we'll give it a shot and see how it goes, let me know what you think and perhaps it will encourage me to do this more often, in the meantime it's great to be , more or less, back on line.

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